Service provider Professional

Jobs functions

Search for Job

With this function service provider will be able to search for jobs, the default search values will be based on the service provider offered services and cities. You can change the values any time, and you can go back to your default values by selecting Filter Jobs match with my predefined skills, services and cities, button in the filter function.


Invited Jobs

You will be receiving the invited jobs from the customers under this function, and the portal will allow the customer to send an invite for his active jobs to any selected service provider.


Submitted Offers

With this function, you will be able to see you submitted offers to the customers.


Pinned Jobs

You can pin any job for later if you think that this job will be visible to bid for it later on. You can come back to this function and bid for the job if the job is still active and available.


My Active Jobs
will show you the list of your assigned jobs (awarded jobs) that you need to deliver to the customers.


Closed Jobs

The delivered jobs list will be showing under closed jobs function. 


Canceled Jobs

You may cancel (withdraw) any job offer after submitting to the customer if the job still not been approved by the customer, or also you can cancel (withdraw) any job offer after the offer been approved by the customer, considering that canceling the offer after been approved by the customer more than once without any valid reason it might have your account suspended.


Not Interested Jobs

Will show you the list of the Not Interested Invited Jobs.