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Jobs functions

Under Verification Jobs

Some Jobs it might be required to be verified by the portal admin, once the admin approves it, it will go to the public market.


Active Jobs

After the job is approved, it will be posted in the public market and active for the service providers to bid for it.


Assigned Jobs

You can review the received offers, the service provider rate and profile, request for a discount, chat with the service provider to confirm the job information like location, scope, date and time. After you may select and award the right offer for you that fits your job requirements. 


Closed Jobs
Once the job is completed and delivered by the service provider, you may close and rate the job, or you may keep the rating for later.


Canceled Jobs

You may cancel any active job after posting the job, or also you can cancel any job after awarding, assigning the job to the service provider, considering that canceling the job after assigning it to the service provider more than once without any valid reason it might have your account suspended.    


Expired Jobs

When you post a job, if the job is not assigned to any service provider within two weeks from the date of posting the job, the job will be expired and will not be visible anymore to the public market.


Saved Jobs

You may save a post job for you to post for later.